Telementoring is the use of telecommunication technology to deliver training, education, and support that builds health care capacity.

  • The Rural Telementoring Training Center (RTTC) provides free training, tools and technical assistant to support the implementation and evaluation of telementoring programs for rural and remote health care workers.
  • Project ECHO.  The Project ECHO Model is a knowledge sharing model that was developed at the University of New Mexico and has since evolved into a virtual learning framework that applies across disciplines and probably one of the most well-known telementoring models.  Participants engage in virtual communities with their peers where share support, guidance and feedback.  During an ECHO session, participants present real (anonymized) cases to specialists and each other for discussion and recommendations.  Learn More.

Following are some resources to help you find Project ECHO offerings in the MATRC region:

Following are organizations who offer Project ECHO at the national and/or regional level: